Atelier van Antonine

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Antonine de Mun, duchess dUrsel, was a talented amateur artist. In 1878 she had a painter's studio built a stone's throw from the castle. For nearly fifty years it was a refuge for Antonine, her family and friends. Now this studio comes back to life as a holiday home, completely in the spirit and style of Antonine. Stay in a stylish interior in a unique location and discover the park around the castle, walk through the polders or cycle along the dikes. Hingene is also centrally located between the Flemish art cities of Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Mechelen.


Atelier van Antonine
Koningin Astridlaan 200
2880 Hingene
Telephone number: 0032382-06010

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About the accommodation

The text below is automatically translated from another language using Google Translate. The translation may not be entirely accurate.

You have the best view of the Atelier from the parking on the restored fruit wall, the last remnant of the walled vegetable garden. An inviting path leads straight through the gate to the holiday home. You walk past monumental trees and flowering shrubs. After a few tens of meters you will pass two impressive pillars and a wrought iron gate, the official entrance for the guests of the Atelier. In a clearing in the woods, the charming brick building appears under a red tile roof.

The original blue stone staircase gives access to the first floor. It is a beautiful entrance. You used to find the duchess's painter's studio here, now it's a living room with an open kitchen, a large table and - a few steps higher - a salon. Everything is bathed in light, thanks to two large windows in the kitchen and a huge window in the salon. A smaller window next to the front door overlooks the path to the fruit wall.

On the floor of the kitchen is an old-style tile with a green and artichoke-colored motif. Those colors are reflected on the walls and they contrast beautifully with the black kitchen, the display cabinets and the chest of drawers. A crystal luster from the large salon of the castle hangs on the ceiling. In 2009 we received that from the duke d'Ursel on loan, along with a lot of furniture, paintings and books. Because he cannot be put back in the castle, we have suggested the duke to give him a new life in the Atelier.

On the wall hangs the portrait that Antonine made of her sister Alix in 1867. Below the luster is a large table with oak leaves, the wavy edges of which are reminiscent of a tree trunk. For breakfast there are place mats with drawings of daily life in the castle and the Atelier, of course by Antonine.

The oak of the table is also reflected in the kitchen worktop, the wide staircase to the living room and the floor of that seating area. From the spacious sofa you have a beautiful view of the beech cathedral forest. Those beeches were planted when the studio was built in 1878 and they have grown into majestic trees. Portraits of Antonine and her family hang on the wall of the salon, and a flat-screen TV is hidden in an antique cupboard.

There used to be a small extension against the painter's studio with a kitchen and service room. During the restoration, he was transformed into a fully-fledged stairwell, finished with blue stone and green-blue lime paint. You reach the four bedrooms through old photos of the castle: two in the attic and two in the basement.

Each room is named after someone who posed for Antonine. We have chosen her four most beautiful portraits and have glued a life-size cut to the room doors. In the basement you will be welcomed by two graceful ladies. Claire de Beughem was a friend of Antonine's daughter and resident of the nearby Lippelo castle. She posed in 1894. In 1900 Antonine made a pastel portrait of her brand-new daughter-in-law Sabine Franquet de Franqueville. Both bedrooms have a solid oak floor and the ceilings are the preserved old trough vaulting.

In Sabine's room you will find a queen-size bed and with Claire a king-size bed that can be slid into two single beds. Although they are half underground, in both rooms there are windows and doors that give direct access to the park via a brick staircase. The accompanying bathrooms are equipped with a rain shower with white hand-shaped tiles, a sink with an oak top and a toilet.

At the top of the stairwell you will be met by Marie, who was immortalized in 1875 by her sister Antonine. In her room there is a king-size bed on a solid oak floor. The adjacent bathroom is equipped with a bathtub with rain shower, a sink, a toilet and a so-called goose staircase. At the top, the serious-looking, eight-year-old Léo guards the entrance to his room. He was the apple of the eye of his sister-in-law Antonine and posed in full length in 1875 for a large portrait. Behind the swing door you will find two single beds. If you look through the window, you imagine yourself among the tops of the trees.

Attention: to reach Léo's room you first have to cross Marie's room and then the communal bathroom.

With four bedrooms and three bathrooms there is room for up to eight people. We are curious about the guests we will receive. Are it mainly people who rent the castle and immediately turn it into a weekend? Or cyclists and walkers who come to enjoy the Scheldeland? Or foreign tourists who choose a quiet place, centrally between the Flemish art cities? One thing is certain: after decades of deep sleep, this beautiful sleeping star has finally been awakened again.

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